Internet Natives

Before the actual technology existed the world was focused in multimedia devices that helped connect the world. The generation that interacted first with this technology is known as the baby boomers. This generation was first in expanding the use of the media and creating new ways for people to communicate.

[ @fancycrave, , Title: old radio ]

The follow up generations were focused in developing this technology. By 1973 the cellphone was invented but if you think they are similar that the ones we have in the present you are mistaken. Cell Phones back then was the thing that everybody needed. At first phones were big cases that worked almost as a computer but also was a expensive product. I am talking way back, touch screens that did everything wasn’t even in the panorama.

[Steve Gale,, title: old phone]



They are many known dates that changes the generation gap but I consider myself part of generation Z. This are known as digital natives, we were born with the technology invented and with its biggest boom in history. Already at 4 I receive a Playstation 2 for only $300 and that was something I didn’t even ask, back then it was a normal thing. For the past generation the would have bought a Atari that would cost around the $1,000 with less specs. Although the playstation is a gaming machine it was most known for being the less expensive DVD player. I can remember the first time using an iPhone and with the first touch I already knew how to use it. Technology has become part of people lives, I even considered it as new limb to the human body when it comes to cellphones. We are always carrying it to everywhere we go, it has our most valuable information and trust me if we can’t find it in 1 minute we can get really moody and desperate. Technology is part of my future because I’m planning in being an app developer that means that im just scratching the surface of what I want to accomplish with the technology.


[ Dr. Jean Twenge, David Stillman and Jonah Stillman, @TIME,]


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